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Shenzhen her dragon technology co., LTD. (the first brand of inverter) is engaged in the research and development of new energy sine wave inverter, production and sales. Annual output of sine wave inverter power 50 million w, shenzhen new energy is one of the high-tech enterprises, a number of leading inverter technology. Main products: three-phase inverter, power inverter, communication power supply, scenery complementary inverter, pure sine wave inverter, new energy automotive inverter, DC12V / 24 v48v v220v / 110. Relies on the abundant technical research and development strength, reliable product quality, complete, fast and efficient after-sales service system, by the domestic industries of users consistent affirmative, the product has been widely used in government, finance, telecommunications, electricity, transportation, scientific research institutes, manufacturing and military industries, tens of millions of users are ?